Why You Should Consider Installing Hardwood Flooring – The Health Benefits

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The quality of the air we breathe and the food we eat is something that we think about a lot when it comes to ensuring that we stay healthy when in our homes. But how often do we consider if the floors are clean and safe?

According to scientific researches, solid hardwood flooring can help improve the quality of indoor air.

Hardwood floors are less prone to attract pests, allergens and microorganisms tracked from the outdoors. The wooden flooring also reduces the likelihood of dust and mould accumulation as well as animal dander. As such, hardwood floors are a healthy option if you have little ones that are crawling as they learn to take their first steps.

But allergens are everywhere!

That is a fact that we cannot dispute. The indoors are prone to allergens such as animal fur and dander or even dust mites and other tiny pests. The outdoors, on the other hand, have mould spores, pollen, and various microbes.

You still can prevent the spread of allergens, starting at their sources. Given how staggering the impact of air-borne allergy-related diseases can be – with nearly $800 million going into health care expenses and well over 250000 million lost via lost work and school days annually, taking the preventive measures is the most sensible thing. It helps to lower the allergy triggers by a significant percentage.

Outdoor allergens might, at times, seem hard to control, but there are ways to lower their impact and even eliminate them for your indoors.

Frequent dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning are integral to keeping your indoors free from allergens. However, they should be done with caution because they can stir up the allergens as well. Give more attention to the areas where the allergens tend to gather.

The floors are among the typical indoor environments prone to accumulate allergens. But that is a buildup that can be controlled. Carpets tend to be the most affected when it comes to indoor allergens. The carpeting can harbour dust, mites, animal dander, mould, pollen, and other microscopic elements that hide in the fibres.

With hardwood flooring, you will reduce the need to install carpets or other types of flooring options, thus reducing the accumulation of allergens in your home. And since the wooden floors do not attract dust or pests, they are low maintenance while contributing significantly to improved indoor air quality.

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