What is an engineered timber floor?

 In Engineered Timber Flooing

Engineered flooring is a manufactured product that can be used to cover a surface. It is often made of hardwood timber on the top surface referred to as veneer approximately 3 to 4mm thick. The lower side of the plank comprises plywood. The ply is used to hold the planks together. This type of material tends to be very stable and durable. Depending on your choice, it has a smooth surface that can be sanded, painted, or stained. Also referred to as floating timber floors, they are made to float, offering moisture barrier and protection since natural timber is on the top surface. Thus, they offer various engineered timber floors benefits such as gum veins, natural variation, knots, nicks, and indentations.

 It is possible to polish and sand a floating timber floor manufactured with structural guarantees that the manufacturer backs. They can also be produced as a click system or as a groove and tongue system. Hardwood timber is also used in engineering timber flooring to offer a high-quality finish. The layers are glued together with the grain of each layer running perpendicular to one another, allowing for expansion and contraction without risk of delamination.


 The Best Reasons to Choose is engineered wood good for flooring?

 In case you are not sure whether to choose solid timber flooring or engineered wood over other kinds of wooden flooring, then it is time to consider the following reasons;

 Cost-effective flooring– solid timber flooring is more expensive compared to engineered floorboards. It allows for ease of installation, durability, and warmth, which is why it costs high. If you are looking for a perfect substitute that can give you the same qualities as solid wood but at a lower price, then go ahead and choose this type.

 Affordable installation — engineered wood is straightforward to install. There are times when you have to compromise on the quality of something if you are on a tight budget. Anyone can install this type of flooring without the need for the services of an expert installer because it is so easy.

 Beautiful floors with a rustic feel– hardwood flooring comes in various timber varieties. You can choose from oak, maple, or pine, depending on your style and preference. The type of wood used is known to provide warmth; it is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms where people spend most of their time lounging around.

 Eco-friendly – this type of Wooden Flooring does not contribute to environmental degradation. Modern technologies are used to treat the wood, making it durable and free of bugs and other organisms that can cause damage to your home. It also means that there is no danger of toxins seeping into groundwater or soil.

 Quick to install – this type of flooring is very easy to install. If you choose to click and lock engineered wood floors, the installation will take just a few hours. There are no hassles or has to be an expert carpenter or joiner to do it for you. 

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