The Right Saw For Laminate Flooring Cuts

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When it comes to choosing the right saw for cutting laminate flooring material, keep a few key things in mind. Given its famous durability, laminate floor material tends to be quite hard. Though it is possible to use any kind of saw, including circular, table, and jigsaw options), the blade chosen can be a real differentiator.

  1. Blade Teeth

The first consideration is to find a blade equipped with the largest number of possible teeth. Some blades, this might mean there is more than 100 individual teeth. Blades with at least this many teeth will help ensure that the cut is clean, and no jagged edges are remaining.

  1. Strength Of Blade

Make certain that the blade’s teeth can stand up to wear and tear. Carbide-tipped teeth are best, and they are sure to last longer under the stress of cutting hard laminate flooring materials. Remember, though, that carbide blades are not immune to dulling, so keep several closes by as you install your laminate floor. That way, you will not have any delays and can switch out dull blades immediately and keep cutting.

  1. Saw Type

The most common area of uncertainty may concern exactly which type of saw to purchase or rent. The answer is determined by what sort of cuts need to be made. If straight cuts are primarily needed, circular and table saws will suffice. Oddly-shaped cuts such as those around pipes or doors may be done more effectively with a jigsaw. Portable models are great for adding extra maneuverability to such work.

  1. Specialized Options

In addition to saws, cutting tools are available that were designed specifically for laminate flooring installation. These look rather like paper cutters but are made to handle the strong nature of this kind of material. These can be great for eliminating waste, and they also save time for those who are working on several projects at one time. But, for a DIY job that is not likely to ever be done again, the investment may not pay off.

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