Tasmanian Oak Flooring

When you consider flooring options, the name ‘Tasmanian Oak’ will inevitably come up, particularly if you’re browsing for solid timber flooring in Australia. A unique type of hardwood originating from the cool climates of Australia’s southern region, Tasmanian Oak represents a combination of three near identical species – Eucalyptus delegatensis, Eucalyptus regnans, and Eucalyptus obliqua – known for their exceptional durability and strength.

Appearance and Characteristics:
Tasmanian Oak is one of the most delightful and versatile Australian hardwoods. It’s known for its outstanding clarity, consistent color, and amazing linear grain – features that help create a warm and vibrant floor. Its color palette generally ranges from light straw colors to deeper reddish-browns, punctuated occasionally by subtle pink hues.

When it comes to dimensions, Tasmanian Oak typically features a straight grain with even texture, giving it a smooth finish when cut and polished. This solid hardwood is medium to heavy in weight and possesses an excellent hardness rating, making it ideal for high-traffic areas in homes or commercial spaces.

Durability and Maintenance:
Tasmanian Oak possesses an innate toughness that guarantees longevity. Despite its elegant appearance, it doesn’t compromise on performance. It can easily withstand the rough and tumble of daily use, and retain its charm for decades.

The maintenance of Tasmanian Oak flooring is relatively fuss-free. A simple regime of regular sweeping or vacuuming combined with occasional mopping using a damp mop or a wood floor cleaner will suffice. It’s also important to protect the surface from scratches caused by furniture or high heels.

Environmental Impact:
The majority of Tasmanian Oak comes from well-managed and sustainable sources, guaranteeing that its extraction will not lead to environmental degradation. Furthermore, it is entirely recyclable and biodegradable, reducing its carbon footprint.

Tasmanian oak timber flooring prices:
The cost of this hardwood floorboard is generally ranging from 74$ to 108$ per sqm depending on the size, thickness, and grade. The prices for supply and installation of Tassie oak floor, combined with sanding and polishing service ranging from 170$ to 210$.

In Summary:
Tasmanian Oak solid hardwood flooring is highly sought after due to its striking visual appeal, durability, and versatility. Ideal for various applications, it delivers a timeless look that adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any décor. Considering its aesthetic qualities, solid strength, and sustainability credentials, Tasmanian Oak solid hardwood floor is undeniably an appealing choice for those seeking a blend of beauty and resilience.

Whether you are seeking to create a traditional or contemporary look, Tasmanian Oak is flexible enough to complement any style of decor. Make the decision to add this durable, elegant flooring to your home, and you’ll be rewarded with an exquisite interior atmosphere that will be admired for years to come.

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