Spotted Gum Flooring

Spotted Gum timber is versatile Australian hardwood with smooth textures and a softly flowing grain. It is an excellent choice for modern houses but is equally in classic or historic homes. Please browse our selection of Spotted gum flooring below and give us a call to get started today.


What is Spotted  Gum flooring, and how does it differ from other types of flooring?

Spotted  Gum, often known as lemon-scented Gum, is an indigenous Australian hardwood that ranges in color from a light brown to a dark brown with occasional reddish tones. Due to its lasting characteristics and rich aesthetic appeal, it is frequently utilized as a solid wood floor and in engineered timber floors.


How long does it take for Spotted  Gum to grow?

Uncertainty and risk are inherent in all commercial tree operations because of the lengthy time span between planting and harvest, which may be as long as 30-50 years for certain species.


Is Spotted  Gum an appropriate choice for my home?

Spotted  Gum is a versatile Australian hardwood with smooth textures and a softly flowing grain. Neither the colors nor the rough woodgrain is overpowering, but they are insipid. Spotted  Gum’s extensive floor covering produces a large, peaceful atmosphere that blends effortlessly with a wide variety of interior color schemes and styles. Spotted  Gum is equally at home in contemporary and historical settings.

Spotted  Gum wood flooring is an opulent and glamorous option that will increase the value of your property. Its ageless beauty ensures that your house will always have an elegant, graceful finish. Spotted  Gum is available in our wood flooring selection.

If you like the beauty of Spotted  Gum – as the majority of customers do – but wood flooring are out of your price range, consider one of the other choices. The natural beauty of Spotted  Gum hardwood flooring is also available in our hybrid, laminate, and vinyl collections, where it is shown via a decorative photographic overlay.

It’s often difficult to tell the difference between genuine wood and our luxury laminate flooring, which provides all the hard-wearing wood qualities at a fraction of the expense. They give an active family with a high-performance flooring surface that has the naturally stunning look of native Australian wood grains.


Is Spotted  Gum a long-lasting gum?

Australia has one of the world’s toughest climates, and our indigenous trees have adapted to it. Once harvested, the toughness of our hardwood flooring products is retained. If anything, the technical techniques employed to produce floating floors enhance the endurance and hardness of the woods utilized.

Spotted  Gum is included in our wood, hybrid, laminate, and vinyl flooring options, which all boast exceptional robustness and durability, allowing them to last for many years in active family homes.

Consider a hybrid floor in Spotted  Gum for an extremely robust floor that combines the finest attributes of laminate and vinyl. Numerous hybrid collections include Spotted  Gum.


Is Spotted  Gum an expensive product?

Costlier than other hardwood alternatives. With all of this in mind, you’re unlikely to be shocked by the comparatively high price of Spotted  Gum. Compared to other hardwoods such as Tasmanian Oak, Merbau, Jarrah, and Blackbutt, Spotted  Gum is often the most expensive.


Does Spotted  Gum disappear with time?

While it is attractive in its natural condition, Spotted  Gum also accepts stains, paints, and finishes nicely, expanding the color palette. Additionally, it is UV resistant and will not fade after years of exposure to the sun. Additionally, Spotted  Gum is decay-resistant and very simple to work with, reducing installation time.

What is the difference between Spotted  Gum from New South Wales and Queensland?

Queensland Spotted  Gum has more color range, ranging from light-colored boards to browny reds. The New South Wales Spotted  Gum is more uniform and lacks red tones.


Why is it that Spotted  Gum develops black spots?

Eucalypt hardwoods like Spotted  Gum are often used for decks, and like many timbers, they contain considerable amounts of tannin. Iron staining is more likely to develop on weather-exposed decks when moisture (rain, dew, hosing) and a source of metal iron pollution are easily accessible.


Is Spotted  Gum OK for use as a floor covering?

Spotted  Gum is a fantastic hardwood floor that will bring years of fun! Its durability, strength, and beauty are unmatched. If you’re interested in adding hardwood flooring to your house, call the professionals at TFM today.


Is Spotted  Gum a low-maintenance plan?

The personnel at our shop is very skilled and knowledgeable about the many flooring materials shown in their showrooms. They will ask all the pertinent information about your home setting to help you choose the right sort of flooring for the Spotted  Gum design, from a cost-effective hybrid vinyl plank to a premium wood floor. And, of course, they will ensure that you understand how to maintain your lovely new floor properly!

While a vacuum with a hard floor attachment, an indoor broom, or a microfiber mop will remove all household dirt and dust from your floating floor, and a damp mop will remove persistent marks, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s care guide to safely ensure the wear layer of your floating floor continues to perform well.

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