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Active lifestyle

If you are living an outdoorsy and active lifestyle, there will a lot of foot traffic you need to consider for your flooring choice. Sand, grass, dirty boots, and children are piling in the house, dripping chlorine. Sound a little familiar? A hardy floor is best suited for an active lifestyle.

Luxury hybrid flooring mixes all the best qualities of vinyl and laminate and is actually the alpha floating floor product that’s rigid enough to be installed throughout the house. For ultimate durability, engineered timber flooring is a great option and also ticks the box of having an elegant look.

In this case, any hard product is preferred to a carpet. However, if that is your preferred selection for comfort, don’t rule out the carpet as a whole. Select a carpet that has a harder loop for withstanding the beating or a top-quality wool carpet since it is inherently hard-wearing.

Design Conscious Lifestyle

Honest materials can prove to be an asset if your home design is a priority. The best choice for superior aesthetics is natural timber floors. Timber generally brings out the beauty of warmth to your place, and considering that flooring is the basis of the rest of your interior springs, it can prove challenging making the room work as whole if the foundation is to be lacking. Design is not all about the visuals, but tactile. It is difficult substituting the feel of real timber board under your foot when it’s truly your home. And in the event, the design is in your know-how, the scratches can appear inherently part of an honest material. Until a home displays real living signs, it does not fit to be called a home.

An excellent compromise is pre-finished engineered timber flooring. It will cut the time for installation up to a half and offers all the advantages of natural timber flooring without requiring on-site polishing and sanding. The boards are made with 4 or 5 layers of bonded timber into long pre-finished parts that are ready for installation.

Time-poor lifestyle

Most of us these days live a time-poor lifestyle, hence maintenance and cleaning are a massive factor for consideration when choosing what to set-up. In terms of durability, vinyl floors are right up there with the maintenance scale being low. With minimal scratches and scuffing and no re-seal needed with time, vinyl qualities make it the economical choice and clear champion, if that is your main objective.

However, if you’re seeking a product closest to the timber look, without the need for maintenance in re-sealing and sanding, then laminated timber boards are the answer for you. A great alternative to timber is bamboo flooring since it is easy to clean, has hard-wearing fiber, and is more compressed.

Our carpets have been made more stain-resistant thanks to technologies in flooring and even hardier and softer compared to previous decades. Some ranges are made using less absorbent fibers, which will require water for mopping up a stain. This is the perfect choice for those of us who prefer their living area to be carpeted and have a time-poor lifestyle.

Allergen Lifestyle

Organic allergens such as mold, pollen, and animal fur can be challenging to steer clear. However, there are some steps you can employ to minimize allergen levels in your house. VOCs and petrochemical emissions from synthetic products can trigger allergic symptoms in certain individuals. They also can reduce indoor air quality for occupants inside the house. As a general rule of thumb, the best products are natural and contingent on your priorities; it is worth considering the budget.

Compared to most flooring products, hardwood flooring is manufactured using fewer chemicals. Avoid utilizing finishes and sealants containing harmful VOCs. Pollen and dust can be removed easily with installed hardwood floors, given there aren’t many small articles to cling. The same advantages apply to bamboo flooring.

To avoid allergens, carpet isn’t the go-to choice, but if you want a carpet flooring, go for natural fiber like jute, wool, and cotton to lessen synthetic emissions in your indoor space. Although natural fibers can trap microscopic nasties and dust, it can be fixed with occasional vacuuming and professional cleaning every year.

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