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Laminate has become a trendy choice for today’s flooring requirements as it is a cost-effective alternative to other flooring materials such as wood, marble, and ceramic. Available in a wide range of styles, colours, and effects laminated floors are extremely durable and tough, being able to withstand heavy traffic as they provide much more impact resistance than other types of flooring. One of the main benefits of this type of flooring is how economical it is to install a stain and scratch-resistant surface in homes and offices with an extremely long lifespan. Indentation resistance technology allows it to handle heavy foot traffic with high wear easily and tear, and it is very easy to repair when damaged. If you are looking for an alternative to hardwood flooring that is cheaper, moisture resistant, and won’t fade over time, cheap laminate flooring may exactly what you are looking for and we can help you choose the right style and effect for your particular requirements.

What is the Difference Between Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Flooring?

Laminate should not be confused with vinyl flooring as there are significant differences with regards to the application, finish, look, and feel of each product. A major difference is that vinyl is a suitable material for use in all areas including wet areas like laundries and bathrooms whereas laminate flooring only suited for use in living areas such as bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms, and kitchens.

How long does a Laminate Floor Last?

With proper installation and care, laminate floorboards can last anywhere between 15 to 25 years, depending on the amount of foot traffic and other incidental damage that may impact the life of a laminate floor.

*** Our laminate flooring installation team of trained and experienced experts is highly passionate about assisting home and business owners with all their flooring needs. With the extensive knowledge, they have gained over many years of floor installation and our wide range of in-store options, we have the right laminate floor to suit every requirement and our experts can help you make the best choice for your home or office. Our professional services include the installation of sub-flooring and qualified tradespersons to install top quality laminate flooring at an affordable cost.

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