How much does it cost to sand a floor?

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Depending on the coating, floor sanding might cost anywhere from $28 to $44 per square metre.

There is a $28–$38 price tag for sanding and polishing a floor using solvent-based polyurethane.

Polyurethane water-based sanding and polishing costs $34–$44 per square metre.

A well-maintained hardwood floor adds a touch of elegance to any home, but it does need some maintenance. To keep it looking “as new,” you’ll have to sand and polish it often.

What can floor sanding specialists do?

A wide range of floor care services may be provided by those specializing in floor sanding. Among the possibilities are:

Preparation, levelling, and rough sanding are steps in the refinishing process.

Hardwood floor sanding and polishing

Staining and liming of floors

Replacing boards, repairing damage, and eliminating scratches from flooring

Maintaining a Polished Wood Floor

Sanding my floor, is it safe?

It all depends on the kind of floor and the materials utilised.

Depending on the kind of wood, sanding, sealing, and polishing may be done on most solid wood floors.

It is possible to sand floating wood floors with real wooden veneers, as well as bamboo flooring.

Sanding and sealing timber parquetry is also possible.

It is impossible to sand floor coverings like laminate, vinyl, or any other comparable material in most circumstances.

Never attempt to sand a floor unless you have the assistance of an expert.

Different floor treatments and coatings are available.

It is common for wood surfaces to be sealed after sanding to protect them. To bring out the hues in hardwood floors may also be an option.

Polyurethane floor coatings based on solvent or water are the most popular. Matte, translucent, and gloss finishes are all options for these two types of coatings.

Solvent coatings take longer to cure and have a harsher odor than water-based coatings. Depending on how quickly the successive coats dry, this may need a move for a few days.

Water-based coatings take longer to cure, but they are more cost-effective.

Sanding a floor is an expensive process.

The cost of sanding a floor is usually expressed in terms of square metres, and the size of the job will influence this. Depending on the coating used, floor sanding and polishing might cost anywhere from $25 to $40 per square metre.

There is a $25–$35 price tag for sanding and polishing a floor using solvent-based polyurethane.

Polyurethane water-based sanding and polishing costs $34–$44 per square metre.

Staining costs an extra $10–$15 per square metre if you want it.

 Factors to Consider When Estimating the Cost of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Planning your budget for hardwood floor repair may be more accessible by figuring out the approximate cost of the restoration process beforehand. Due to many factors, such as the dimensions of the hardwood flooring area, its location, labour costs, material pricing, prepping work, sanding, coating, staining, and finishing, prices may differ from the national average.

Space Measurements in the Home and a Building

The project will be more expensive than the squarer footage it has. The cost of a 20-sqm room ranges from $680 – $1,200.


When refinishing hardwood floors, prices might vary greatly depending on where in the country you live. The overall cost of living will be greater if you reside in a city with a high cost of living because of the higher labor cost.

The average labor cost per square foot is between $2 and $5. The amount of pre-work, accessibility, sanding, and the property’s location all have an impact on labour expenditures.


Preparing hardwood floors for restoration requires thorough cleaning and the repair of any broken wood boards. The condition of the hardwood flooring impacts the amount of time needed for preparation. It may be necessary to prepare and restore the floor more thoroughly if there is extensive damage, such as deep scratches and gouges, stains, fading, or water damage.

Materials Costs

A drum sander, a sanding belt, prep, repair equipment, vacuum cleaners, plastic sheeting, stain, and topcoat are all required supplies for refinishing hardwood floors. Larger sections will need more stain and topcoat than smaller sections.


Sanding hardwood flooring costs from $0.50 to $3 per square foot. Large drum sanders are used to sand the bulk of the area, while belt sanders are used to sand the perimeter. Sanding hardwood flooring often needs numerous passes to ensure smooth and free of defects.

What factors will influence my floor sanding quote?

The cost of sanding is affected by the size, shape, and condition of your floor, with floor sanders charging more for projects that need more time and resources.

If you have a simple rectangular space, the cost of floor sanding and polishing may be closer to $25–$35 per square metre.

Sanding an older or neglected wood floor might cost significantly more than sanding a modern and well-maintained floor. This is because antique floors often contain oil-based coatings that may deteriorate and become sticky over time. This may easily clog sandpaper, significantly reducing the sanding process and increasing the material cost.

Older flooring was often top-nailed, and even if the nails were previously countersunk and puttied, many of the nails might become exposed with time and must be re-punched and re-puttied.

The quantity of prep work required will also impact the cost of floor sanding. An old wood floor, for example, with elevated nails and splinters, would need far more repair than a freshly placed timber floor.

Other elements that will influence the cost of your floor sanding job include:

What kind of wood do you have?

Removal and replacement of furniture

Any floor damage that has to be repaired

Removal and restoration of carpet and carpet nails

Finishing options, such as gloss, satin, or matte.

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