Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Timber Flooring

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When building a new home or remodeling your existing home, flooring options are one of the most important decisions you make. When you start weighing these options for your home, consider timber flooring as a cost-effective and convenient solution. Timber floors are sturdy, easy to clean, long-lasting, and gorgeous in your home. 

 There are several options on the market today for timber floors. Since the majority of people choose a warm, classic look for their home, they typically select a timber finish. Often, their choice depends on the theme inside of their home. There are several options for timber flooring, and each option has distinctive benefits. Below are some of the more common options for timber floors. 

 • Rose Gum – This offers average durability and has a pink/red-brown coloring. It offers a straight grain pattern. 

 • Blackbutt – This offers lovely coloring and is less flammable. It is better for places that are prone to bush fires. 

 • Spotted Gum – This is a darker color of brown with polygonal patterns. It is a solid timber wood and is commonly used for decking and framing homes. 

 • Ironbark – The color ranges from a dark red to dark, pale browns. It is a very sturdy and compact timber and one of the most popular hardwood flooring options. 

 There are many benefits to having a timber floor. Timber floors are not toxic, they will not split, they require minimal maintenance, and they are easy to patch if necessary. They offer various finishes like polyurethane, natural oil, and wax. The natural oil penetrates best for a rich color result. Choosing the right finished look is based on the personal preference of the homeowner. Because it is known for its strong durability, like most hardwood flooring, it is becoming a popular choice in many commercial sites as well as sports academies.

 Below are four primary reasons why you should choose timber floors. 

 1. Longevity – Purchasing a high quality and solid timber floor ensures that it will last as long as the home or building lasts. If necessary, timber floors are one of the most natural types of floors to resurfacing. Alternatively, carpet floors usually need replacing every five to ten years due to staining, holes, and normal daily use that give them an old and shabby appearance. With timber floors, this is never the case. 

 2. Ease of Cleaning – With timber floors, you never have dust, odors or stains as you have with carpets. Dust and dirt are quickly gone with a simple brushing or vacuuming of the floors. The fresh fragrance of your clean timber floor creates a positive atmosphere in all rooms. If you have children and pets dragging in mud and dirt, a suitable steam mop with nothing but water has it looking clean and fresh in minutes. Timber floors offer a sterile atmosphere, and you can quickly get rid of any dust elements in the room. 

 3. Hygienic Flooring – If you have ever had a home or business with carpets, you know they often are full of dust, dust mites, fleas and some appalling parasites. For those with allergies, this can be devastating. Timber floors eradicate this aspect by getting rid of that discomfort while saving money. This is a great relief for pet owners. 

 4. Value and Appeal – Timber floors are an excellent investment for a better value. Even after living with timber floors for years, you can renovate this floor without problems. Renovations to rid the flooring of scratches and damages are going to cost much less than repairing other types of flooring. A simple sanding and sealing process will have your floors looking brand new again. Additionally, your home has a classy appeal with timber floors. When it comes to the latest fashion trends in flooring, carpets, granite, tiles, and linoleum come and go. If you are seeking timeless beauty, timber flooring is the way to go for a lasting, sophisticated appearance. 

 If you want a classy floor with a long-term functioning ability, choose timber floors.

*** Written by a Melbourne based handyman.

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