Floating A Floor Over Existing Floors

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In this read, we will explore the in and out and the pros and cons of floating new floors over an existing floor. We have covered the pros and cons of installing an engineered floor over the existing floor. However, this article will focus on details that may help save you from headaches of installing floating floors over existing floors.


#Tip 1: You should ensure the existing floor is hooked to a concrete substrate or subfloor properly. If the existing floor is not installed securely, you should review the floor and solve any niggling problem (such as loose area) and vulnerability to negate any floor movement that could create annoying noises.

If the floor consists of a parquet, review every tile and ensure all the tiles are securely fastened to the substrate or subfloor.

Typically, manufacturers recommend that you install a transition piece on the door before installing the floating floor. The various aspects of the transition piece is a topic for another discussion.

Tip #2. Do not install cabinets and built-in accessories on your floating floors. With this in mind, you should install the cabinets and the built-in accessories and thereafter, install the floor up to the walls of the cabinets and built-in accessories. It might require some molding, depending on the floor’s installer’s ability to reach the cabinet walls.

It is important to note that most manufacturers will give 1/8” of irregularity tolerance. As such, the floor you already have should be reasonably uniform and flat. In my opinion, however, in most cases, 1/8” is impossible.

Some Pros

It can save you money as you are not required to remove the existing floor, which can be an expensive affair.

Installing a floating floor does not need installers to use expensive adhesives, which is a requirement when installing an engineered floor. You should note that you will need to install a lower layer under the new floor. However, in many cases, even when you add the cost of this layer, it is still less expensive.

It is of utmost importance that you read all the instructions and guidelines provided by the floor manufacturer. Crucially, read and rely on the information provided for on the floor boxes rather than relying on the information you get on the internet. Even when the information from the internet is 100% accurate, your best bet during such projects is to rely on the information provided on the boxes.

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