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Is bamboo flooring a good type of flooring?

If you’re wondering about the quality of bamboo flooring, then you should know that it is as good as typical hardwood flooring. Once the bamboo flooring has been finished, it can be cleaned using normal soap and a mop. The bamboo can be refinished, however, this would be based upon how thick the bamboo planks are.

How easily does it scratch?

Bamboo flooring is quite resistant to scratches, however, it should be noted that any type of flooring material can be scratched. If your bamboo flooring gets badly scratched, then it can be repaired or even replaced. These floors can be refinished and there are even very thick planks that can be refinished many times to remove scratches and imperfections.

Is this a good type of flooring for Melbourne?

It should be noted that bamboo flooring is a bit more water damage resistant in comparison to hardwood floors. With that said, if there is a flood, then bamboo flooring will still be damaged. So, if you’re living in a flood-prone area, it is best that you select engineered bamboo flooring since this type of flooring is a lot more resistant to water.

How long will it last?

Bamboo flooring will typically last over 50 years once it is well maintained. However, if it experiences the usual wear and tears due to heavy use from a family, then you can expect between 20 to 25 years. It should be noted that bamboo flooring is harder than the majority of hardwood floors and as a result, it is quite durable and would last longer.

Is it possible for bamboo flooring to increase the worth of a house?

Bamboo flooring is similar to hardwood flooring and they would both increase the value of a home.

What bout pet scratches?

If you have a dog or other pet, then bamboo flooring is a good option since it is quite resistant to being scratched. Also, this flooring is very easy to clean, especially when it comes to pet messes. Bamboo flooring is not only beautiful and unique but is quite simple to maintain.

As mentioned previously, bamboo flooring is a lot more water-resistant in comparison to hardwood floors. However, it should be noted that this flooring is waterproof up to a maximum of 30 hours which is quite a long time since most floors do not offer permanent waterproofing capabilities.

Pramod KavthekarPramod Kavthekar

Team @ TFM is highly skilled and professional.

TFM promptly replied to the quote request and offered me reasonable price for supply and install of premium quality bamboo flooring .

Johnny @ TFM is Craftsman Installer and very Creative in his work.
He completed the job to perfection and also did some extra work to the Island bench front panel to make it look elegant with the floor.

Thank you TFM .

Kerry LeungKerry Leung

Nathan and the team were absolutely outstanding! Highly recommend! Nathan was very patient when engaging us and understood exactly what we wanted for the job. Floorboards were completed for upstairs, downstairs (living and bedroom) and staircase. (approx 150sqm in total). The team were very friendly and talented.

The quality of the floorboards put together was extremely high quality and the team left no dents or marks on the walls. The staircase was an extremely difficult job which they completed perfectly. The team cleaned up after completion to ensure the floorboards were clean. Extremely happy with the job and highly recommend the team. Will be recommending Timber Flooring Melbourne to everyone.

Alvin BautistaAlvin Bautista

Best experience I've ever had with tradespeople. Very happy with the outcome 😀

Once I selected Timber Flooring Melbourne for the job, they started within 2 days.

I replaced carpet with laminate timber flooring in 7 rooms and a hallway. As I have a bad back, the job included the Timber Flooring Melbourne team moving furniture for me.

They completed the job in 1.5 days as they used a 5-man crew. The team disposed of the carpet, moved furniture back where we asked them to and cleaned up after themselves. That last point is very important to me as I've used many tradespeople who leave the mess they caused.

They used flooring made in Germany, but their quote was over $2.5K cheaper than a competing one for another European-made laminate. It comes with a 25-year warranty. Nathan said to give him a call if we ever have any issues.

Thanks Nathan and team for looking after us! Highly recommended.

Eddy CeezEddy Ceez

I am extremely impressed by TFM, they did three bedrooms and a hallway for me recently with Hybrid Flooring. They were highly professional, communicative and everyone was happy at the end of the day. Would reccomend as they are highly reliable.

Anuj ShangleAnuj Shangle

We stumbled across these guys whilst searching for hybrid flooring and given they had such nice reviews, I called up Nathan and had a chat. Nathan was very patient in taking through all the options and providing samples until we were satisfied with our selection. The pricing was very competitive, so we engaged them to put the hybrid flooring in the whole of our house.
The installation team led up Johnnie and Jason seemed very experienced and efficient. They not only helped moved the furniture but given the same team was removing the carpets and putting the flooring, it made it easier to coordinate. They were detailed in their approach and very courteous and finished the work in the agreed timeframe.
They tackled the hard work (e.g., the work on stairs) with ease and perfection.
I would have no hesitation in recommending them and would definitely engage them again in the future.

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